Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Our Pact

When you create a blog, one assumes that something will be written and posted…soon. But me, no. I’m a bit slow. It is important that I think very carefully on the contents, form and relevance of my posts. For this reason I’ve put off my very first post. But in the name of progress I make an effort to write something.

I do not commit, however to regular postings, because you, my reader will be bitterly disappointed. I write with my emotions. Sometimes I can write all day and others, I’m an empty barrel making no noise whatsoever-writers block they call it.

So my purpose is to make you no promises i cannot fulfill, but to surprise you. Delight you and entice you with the inner workings of my mind in different ways which could really be the same really.

I’ll try not to bore you… only if you remain faithful.

This is our pact. Anticipate a real post sometime soon. Whenever.



  1. Hi there Kelvin here i hear you on that point. It does take one's spirit and emotions to really express oneself truly. Im blogging myself now thesoldieroftruth.blogspot.com and i can write every day or every two days or 5. That's even when i know what i want say to put across to my audience. i will be following you.

  2. ok i hope you see the mistake. Annso is blogging to mycustomcakes.blogspot.com. She was signed in an i was not. lol